16 January 2012

Glow Sticks!

Last night my children were supposed to be sleeping but instead they had found a packet of glow sticks! So I thought lets just get it out of their system and I'll have a play with some long exposures... The boys think these are just great!

05 January 2012

Now & Then...

One of the best things I love about my job is being invited back to a families home to do another photo shoot. I love seeing how the kids have grown. I almost feel a part of the family!! Here are some of the shots from Now & Then...

03 January 2012


Slowly getting back into work mode now for 2012, I still have a few family days of rest & relaxation to go (lucky me!). The end of 2011 was so busy I still have lots to work on but thought I'd share some pics of cute Ava. Hope everyone got to have a good break and feels energetic and ready for 2012!! x