28 October 2012

This beautiful email made my day!

"What a lovely experience this has been, from the moment you arrived you put us all at ease and related so well to the children, to the exquisite photos you produced in the seemingly short amount of time you were here. I look at the photos and know that the smiles on all of our faces are genuine. 
And now we will have these beautiful photos to treasure for the rest of our lives and to share with our families.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone (in fact I already have to many, I don't even have to say much! as everyone has been impressed by the sample PDF that you sent just a day after the shoot but what I do add (well rave about really!) is what I think makes you such an amazing photographer and it's not only your abundance of creativity and professionalism but also the lovely warmth about you that brought out the best in us and made the whole thing really fun and not feel staged - and that's why I'll always love these photos).

Wishing you and your family all the best and we'll see you next year!!"
 - Larissa