22 December 2013

Merry xmas everyone!!

It has been an amazing year and I have met so many wonderful families and had many cuddles with the cutest little bubs. Thank you to all my awesome clients who have invited me into their homes year after year. And a big thank you to my patient husband and gorgeous children who tolerate the amount of time I spend working on my computer!! Here's to a rocking 2014! xo

18 October 2013

Gorgeous Frankie...

This image just makes me smile and I thought suited the crazy windy weather we have been having here in Melbourne! I'll post more pics of Frankie and her lovely family soon x

18 September 2013

Processing away on little Aerin's images x

It may be cold and gloomy here in Melbourne today, but right here in my office it is bright and cheery!

25 August 2013

Gorgeous Grace... and some beautiful (early) spring weather in Albury x

Aerin 2013...

I get so excited when my clients re book each year for their family shoots... I love seeing how they have grown, with new babies and little personalities all grown up! Every year there is so much change and I feel so blessed I am able to capture it for my clients. I have been photographing Aerin for the last 3 years, she is now my new best friend ;)