30 January 2013

Today is the day!

The day has finally come and our babies are off to school. Good luck to all the parents out there sending their little ones off to explore the world too!

06 January 2013

My boys x

Trying to keep my children entertained for the month of Jan before they start prep this year is going to be hard! At least the three of us love being silly together... :)

05 January 2013

Off to the beach!

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...Thank goodness today was cooler, a much better day to be outside. We went on a family adventure to the beach, fossil hunting and lots of water play! Hope your day was a tad cooler too!

02 January 2013

Valentina x

Just before Xmas I photographed little Valentina for the third time. It was so lovely to see her again and how she has grown since being a bub... We had lots of fun!! Here is a little look below.